Journal 003: Meditations – Book II

A great day to read this – to ward off the anticipation/anxiety of the future and to enjoy where I am and what I am doing in the here and the now. From Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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“For the present is the only thing of which a man can be deprived, if it is true that this is the only thing which he has, and that a man cannot lose something he does not already possess.”

“…even the smallest things should be done with reference to an end…”

“In human life time is but an instant, and the substance of it a flux, and the perception dull, and the composition of the whole body subject to putrefaction, and the soul a whirl, the fortune hard to divine, and fame a thing devoid of certainty. And, to say all in a word, everything that belongs to the body is a stream, and what belongs to the soul is a dream and vapor, and life is a warfare and a stranger’s sojourn, and after-fame is oblivion. What then can guide a man? One thing and only one, philosophy.”

“…and besides, accepting all that happens, and all that is allotted, as coming from the same source, wherever it is, from which he himself came; and, finally, waiting for death with a cheerful mind, as being nothing else than a dissolution of the elements of which every living being is compounded. … For it is according to nature, and nothing is evil that is according to nature.”

  1. Live in the now, don’t think about tomorrow – “tomorrow never comes, it’s always today.” ~ Osho

  2. Have a raison d’etre, have a point to existing, not just living.

  3. “Death comes for us all {Oroku Saki}” (Splinter to Shredder, TMNT), but it is not to be feared, because it is a part of nature.

  4. Life isn’t easy, it’s a warfare! Don’t give up, keep fighting.

Lastly…something I read yesterday (thanks Ganesh):

via Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

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