Properly Sharp

Thanksgiving morning, and it is time to get ready to cook a feast! Reaching for the knives, the thought pops up that it has been a while since they had been sharpened. Reaching for my sharpening stick that came with the gifted knife block, the thought of properly sharpening these knives being an acquired skill is suddenly brought into question.

A quick Google search and seconds later, here's Tasty showing me the in's & out's of knife sharpening.

The entire affair brought up the idea of executing strategy. While you might 'have an idea' how to 'use' social media, CRMs, digital tools, etc., can you operate them properly? Proper use allows the tools you are using to deliver the ROI you are expecting - leading you to accomplish your goals.

American Entrepreneur Jim Rohn said, "Now is the time to fix the next 10 years." Simply said, it's time to get your strategy operating properly, and UNM Consulting can help. You/your brand/business undergoes an extensive review - insights, tactics, and strategies are defined and delivered to you! Ready to review? Hit the chat button below, or drop a line to

So, back to the task at hand...I'll use my honing steel and get this guy on the Christmas list!

Happy Thanksgiving from UNM Consulting!

PS: In case you're wondering - HERE is the Thanksgiving turkey recipe I use every year. It's downright offensive how juicy the bird turns out!

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