“The One” vs. “The One He Married”

I needed to get this out, or I’m afraid my dear, sweet girlfriend may leave me because I’m rambling on about it to no end. If you were one of the many that enjoyed the series finale of How I Met Your Mother I challenge you to think about my viewpoints and review your own opinion on the episode.

I don’t normally blog about TV shows and, if you look back at my blog, I’m a here-and-there blogger at best (something I’m trying to change), however I feel this might be a good place to START.

**By the way, spoilers below this**

To me, it feels as though the writers decided that we wouldn’t be able to accept a world where Robin & Ted didn’t end up together. They played it too safe. They didn’t stop to think that, through nine years of hoping “this one is The One” would make us overlook “the one that got away” (because that’s life).

My problem lies solely with The Mother‘s end, and how the writers just threw it out there. Though we all expected it – there had been numerous theories and finally acceptance of this fact – and yet, it was only addressed as “when she got sick.” What was life like with her before she got sick? The writers gave us glimpses of how compatible the Mosbys were, but what happened when real life seeped into the fairy tale?

There’s a statement that was said (and in my “old age” I can’t remember by whom) about the moments “between the photographs.” The tough times that show the bonds of love; that prove to you that this person was set on this Earth for you to find and that s/he will fight just as hard as you will to make this work. It’s what “in good times & in bad. in sickness & in health” encapsulates, and its what they skipped over by letting The Mother die in a 15 second flashback. Gimme one whole episode based on their life together; give me a 10th season that shows how they lived, then I will let her die. And then i will let Ted move on….after he said goodbye.

And not just “goodbye,” I needed a Ted Mosby speech on love. A speech that would echo through the halls of time (and the Internet) about how love makes the world go ’round. I needed to hear a Mosby-esque soliloquy on how sometimes you don’t get what you want, when you want it. About how even when you can’t go on because you’ve been burned so many times by the very idea of love, you struggle through it. And how when you find that one person, the colors fade, the lights dim and the birds go mute because every piece of beauty you have known or could have fathomed is placed inside this one being. And I needed him to address loss and the unfairness of life. About how everyone should love with all they can expend because tomorrow is never promised…and how he loved her before he knew her, and no one could replace her because no one knew him like she did. Except his closest friends, like Robin.

And then…only then…would I be okay with how it ended.

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