This is “Us” not Me.

Interesting Friday night/Saturday morning. The goal of seeing old chums accomplished, then having seemingly gone missing (maybe even having died) and finally returning unscathed. But well-loved, so it seems.

After Side One Track One‘s  Free Week show at The Blackheart, I decided that my night out should expire when my parking meter did. Reiterating that the only thing that expired was the parking meter.

I woke to the urgency of the doorbell. After finding some pants, I then found the homie Jose standing there with a concerned look on his face. My confusion came from the fact that my best bud was standing in front of me, at my door, instead of at his home in College Station. He came in and let me know that I was missing – possibly deceased – in the poor misconceptions of my dear, sweet girlfriend.

The explanation: my iPhone 5 decided to stop accepting phone calls and text messages, at about 10 minutes before midnight. The Pran and I normally, when she’s out of town, have the habit of calling or texting each other before bed. That night, however, since I couldn’t send or receive calls or texts, and I didn’t check my phone at all, none of the lovey dovey routines happened before bed.

Annnnnd, back to Jose. Throughout early Saturday morning,  Teresa had been calling, texting and Facbooking me, to the point  where she thought that something had happened. Jail or worse, she called all over, looking for me; then took to calling, texting and Facebooking friends to try and locate me. Poor thing worried all night.

This set off alarms with most of my nearest & dearest, who also took to sending me text and FB messages. These messages would later overload my phone and cause it to reset itself because of all the incoming activity. I, once again, heard the familiar multi-tone that comes from text messages, missed calls, voicemails and alarms going off all at once.

After assuring Teresa that I was okay, and thanking her parents for coming by, also to check on me & the dogs, I was left with the  realization of how much I’m cared for. Not only by my friends and, of course, family…but by my dear girlpran and her family.

I already understood this, but it didn’t really hit me until these events went down. Dave & Cindy (Mother & Father Teresa) came down  from Cedar Park, braving the frozen roads, to make sure I was okay (alright, also to make sure the dogs were okay). Jose did the same – although that guy has definitely taken care of me on more times than I can count.

That’s why I am really focusing on restarting this blog. It’s a blog  about US…all of us, together and apart. What better way to start fresh than to tell you about a time when I was shown just how much “This is US, not ME.”

– AC

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